History of Verus

Nearly six hundred years ago, the humans and their t'Helottsi slaves arrived on Verus.

From where? Even the Gods don't know. But they wanted something. They needed something, and badly enough to kill for it.

No one complained when the humans wiped out the gogrils, but suddenly the Dragons insisted that the humans must be stopped, and none but the Gods would dare question the Dragons.

When given the choice between continued slavery, and surrender, the t'Helottsi joined with the Dragons. Only a few at first, but more and more over time as they realized the Dragons' immense power.

The humans used all manner of mysterious weapons, many of which are still assumed to have been magical or divine in nature, and the Dragons realized that more help would be necessary if they were to win this war that the Gods had placed before them. The Dragons called upon the Ogans for help.

The humans responded by unleashing what has been described as a "hellish plague" which caused many Dragons to die off within a matter of a weeks. Then, the strangest thing happened: A large number of humans deserted and joined the Dragons, claiming that "biological warfare," as they called it, was "evil" and "inhumane". The Dragons reluctantly accepted these new allies, but it wasn't enough to turn the war in their favor just yet.

The war waged on for years after the Dragons discovered what the humans needed and guarded it, as commanded by the Gods.

While the other races never knew what it was the humans wanted, they trusted that the Dragons were right about the need to get rid of the invading humans, and continued to fight the humans long after the Dragons were wiped out, eventually defeating the humans, and, after just over a decade, restoring a sense of peace to the world.

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