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The Architects


Once known as the t’Helotssi and servants to the humans, the Architects were always intelligent enough to oppose the humans, but were kept from using magic, and controlled by the humans. Their physical frailty kept them from ever overcoming their masters. After the humans were finally defeated, the Architects escaped with some of the human’s advanced secrets, vowing to never again be controlled by another race. The secrets were locked away inside a massive library, in the center of the Architects’ grand underground city, Tir’Helotssenn.

                                Males                              Females
Average Height:        6.5 feet                            6 feet
Average Weight:        150 pounds                     130 pounds

The Architects have a rather weak bone structure, and some of their bones are even hollow, similar to the bones of a bird. This in turn makes them rather frail and less able to lift heavy items, so most Architects tend to avoid physical labor of any kind, preferring to further their magical prowess instead.

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