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The Ferals


Little is known about the Ferals except that they worship a being known as the Feral Mother, whose power supposedly resides within the Feral Moon.

The Ferals were hunted by humans in the years leading up to The Great War. When the war began, they secretly attacked the humans in raids and ambushes. Their role in the war was largely unnoticed, however, and so many races today remain suspicious of them, due mostly to the mystery surrounding their society.

                                Males                              Females
Average Height:         Varies                              Varies
Average Weight:        Varies                              Varies

There are many types of Ferals, including ten different types said to resemble ancient zodiac animals, and a few whose origin and purpose are a mystery to most outsiders.

Special Ability: Feral Rage
During the full phase of the Feral Moon, all ferals gain a significant amount of strength, speed, and fortitude.

Additionally, each feral learns their own special abilities based on their zodiac.

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