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The Qi


The Qi weren't always an intelligent race. Finris, the evil Goddess known as the Trickster of Fate, who had interfered with mortal affairs directly and intentionally during The Great War, was punished by the God of Gods, Zerrafenn. Her punishment was to create a new race to replace a race whose destiny she had forever altered. She refused and threw tantrums until the punishment was changed: She was to raise a non-sentient species to sentience and grant them intelligence. She chose the creatures who would become known as the Qi.

Due to Finris's lack of Light magic, she had to ask for aid from Cecilia, the kindhearted Goddess of Life, to alter the creatures without forever tainting them. Because of this, the qi are rarely neutral, and have a strong inclination toward acts of either good or evil. Whenever a qi performs a good or evil act, that type of behavior becomes addictive for them, usually causing them to follow one extreme or the other.

Males and Females
Average Height:            3.5 feet
Average Weight:            35 pounds

Special Abilities: Benevolence, Neutrality, and Malevolence

Qi gain special abilities based on their morality.
Good Qi are excellent healers and gain bonuses when helping others.
Evil Qi grow more capable with their spells and weapons and excel at harming others.
Qi who remain neutral are better able to deal with effects from good and evil sources.

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