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The Itaayri


The Itaayri, also known as the Children of the Tide, originally inhabited only the Tilzenian Islands to the southeast of the mainland, but after The Great War, those who aided the dragons on the mainland stayed and developed settlements along the eastern and southern coasts. Since then, they’ve taken control of most naval activity on Verus.

                                Males                              Females
Average Height:      6.5 feet                            6 feet
Average Weight:        220 pounds                      160 pounds

Many Itaayri live their lives sailing and fishing. They value art and beauty, but mostly the majesty of the sea.

Before age 12, most Itaayri are taught everything they need to sail. Around age 14, weapon training is encouraged, unless the child is born into a family of strong magic users, in which case they are usually trained in Elemental magic by their parents and older siblings. For most, this means the elements of Water and Air, as the majority of the Itaayri are not adept at Earth or Fire magic.

Special Ability: Lunar Splice
Although some Itaayri struggle with this art, they are the only race that has discovered how to combine spells of different types. Other races believe it has something to do with their blood, as even the Architects have been unable to achieve such results with magic.

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